OSR 3.0 rejects the Grammar file

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Dec 11th, 2007
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I am try to get a simple grammar file that I have served upon on an IIS server. But the OSR complains that the grammar file could not be loaded

Dec 10 08:52:22.78|3860|0||Server|0||Sending failed with the code -1=|UCPU=0|SCPU=0

Dec 10 08:53:36.14|4040|0||Server|0||Sending failed with the code -1=|UCPU=0|SCPU=15

Dec 10 08:59:53.85|3496|0||Server|0||Sending failed with the code -1=|UCPU=0|SCPU=0

Dec 10 09:01:40.81|3580|0||Server|0||Sending failed with the code -1=|UCPU=46|SCPU=0

Dec 10 09:03:08.18|3864|0||Server|0||Sending failed with the code -1=|UCPU=31|SCPU=0

Dec 10 09:05:18.25|3872|0||Server|0||Can not resolve the session: invalid ID\=EHFNFEOBAAANNEAKAAAAAAAA, invalid index=|UCPU=0|SCPU=0


Dec 10 09:37:00.28|3432|0|EVENT|3000|SESS=MRCP|RQST=GRM|REQ=3|UCPU=0|SCPU=62

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|3432|0||OSR Plugin|0||Cannot load grammar <session:[email protected]>=|UCPU=0|SCPU=78

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|3432|0|EVENT|3001|SESS=MRCP|RESP=COMP|STATUS=407|REQ=3|UCPU=0|SCPU=78

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|380|0|EVENT|3000|SESS=MRCP|RQST=GRM|REQ=4|UCPU=31|SCPU=15

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|380|0|EVENT|3001|SESS=MRCP|RESP=COMP|STATUS=200|REQ=4|UCPU=31|SCPU=15

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|188|0|EVENT|3000|SESS=MRCP|RQST=REC|REQ=5|UCPU=31|SCPU=0

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|188|0|EVENT|3000|OSCL=OSLE\=538717:538717|UCPU=31|SCPU=0

Dec 10 09:37:00.29|188|0||OSR Plugin|0||Cannot load grammar <session:[email protected]>=|UCPU=31|SCPU=0

What is wrong with the grammar file?

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