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aghaznavi Wed, 12/19/2007 - 09:08

If you issue the command mpls flow ip then you will receive the error message "%EARL_NETFLOW-SP-4-TCAM_THRLD: Netflow TCAM threshold exceeded, TCAM Utilization [97%]"

This message indicates that the NetFlow ternary content addressable memory (TCAM) is almost full. Aggressive aging will be temporarily enabled. If you change the NetFlow mask to FULL mode, TCAM for NetFlow can overflow because there are so many entries. Issue the show mls netflow ip count command in order to check this information.

The Supervisor Engine 720 checks how full the NetFlow table is every 30 seconds. The Supervisor Engine turns on aggressive aging when the table size reaches almost 90 percent. The idea behind aggressive aging is that the table is nearly full, so there are new active flows that cannot be created. Therefore, it makes sense to aggressively age-out the less active flows (or inactive flows) in the tablein order to make space for more active flows.

The capacity for each policy feature card (PFC) NetFlow table (IPv4), for PFC3a and PFC3b, is 128,000 flows. For the PFC3bXL, the capacity is 256,000 flows.

In order to prevent this problem, disable the FULL NetFlow mode. Issue the no mls flow ip command


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