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Jon Marshall Wed, 12/12/2007 - 07:34


See the recommended action at the bottom for a fix.

%PM-4-LIMITS: The number of vlan-port instances on [chars] exceeded the recommended limit of [dec].

This message means that the total number of individual VLAN ports, counted over the module or switch, has exceeded the recommended limit. VLANs can be counted more than once; if VLAN 1 is carried on ten interfaces, it will count as ten VLAN ports. On some platforms bundling is also ignored for purposes of this count; if eight interfaces on the same module are in one bundle, and the port channel is carrying VLAN 1, it will count as eight VLAN ports. [chars] is the module name (for example, switch or the module number), and [dec] is the recommended limit.

Recommended Action: Reduce the number of trunks and VLANs configured in the module or switch as recommended in [dec]. Enter the show interfaces trunk privileged EXEC command to see the total number of trunks and VLANs.




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