mslavin Wed, 12/12/2007 - 14:35
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Hi Bill,

SoL is a special text based management path for users to access IBM blade servers via the Management Module uplink. On the IGESM, in code at 12.1(22)AY1 and below, it is necessary to configure a special VLAN on the IGESM to permit SoL to operate. Details on configuring SoL on older code IGESMs can be found in section 7.8 of the IGESM Redpaper:

On code versions at 12.1(22)EA6 and above, there is a built in special hidden VLAN (4095) that does not require any configuration to support SoL. Based on this simplification, it is recommend to use code 12.1(22)EA6 or later if the use of SoL is desired.

Thanks, Matt


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