Delete Devices from LMS2.6 what are not in used anmore

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Dec 12th, 2007

I discovery 1110 devices for DANA worldwide. Now I need to reduce it to DANA Europe with 170 devices. I delete all other in CS in CM and in IPM but they are still coming up in DFM events and alerts. How can I clean up DFM ?

I have this problem too.
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I believe that you're using LMS 2.X from the symptoms you've described, on of thatose versions many problems. In LMS 3.0 the DCR is actually the dynamic repository for the invenory for all CW applications. You delete a device there and its removed from everywhere (as a known device, there are some application specific ad-hoc definitions that are user created that can stick around until manually deleted).

For LMS 2.X you need to go into each application and delete them. For CM you need to go into Administration and set up your discovery and data collection filters so you only get those devices you want discovered. If you dont and you have automatic management of discovered devices you'll keep getting those other devices added to your invenory and with LMS 2.X with only the read-only community string for credentials.

steffen.plorin Thu, 12/13/2007 - 04:10

Yes I use 2.x. The inventory looks good for me only devices what I really want, but in DFM I got events from all others and in UTU I see all 15.000 PC 's worldwide what I don't want. Based on this the discovery of UTU running too long. How can I remove stations what are not in the setting of my discovery range now ?

You have run into the indavertant problem of using automanagement of devices.

Two things to fix in Campus:

1. Discovery: you need to limit your discovery to only those networks you manage (ie Europe)

1. Data collection: you need to add a filter for only the networks you want to know about. After you apply this filter and then run a data collection again, the "extra" items will be deleted.

In DFM you need to manually delete all the extra devices under Device Management, Rediscover/Delete.

steffen.plorin Thu, 12/13/2007 - 06:31

Thanks again,

I have done both already and have in my inventory only the needed EU devices.

Only in DFM I have still all and the Rediscover/Delete the delete button is inverse, mean not active whatever device I select.

Joe Clarke Thu, 12/13/2007 - 08:12

You have to disable DCR auto-sync in DFM for this button to become active. This is done under DFM > Device Management > Device Selector. Uncheck the Synchronize with Device Credential Repository box. Then you will be able to delete devices from DFM. You will want to leave this box unchecked to prevent these devices from being managed again in DFM.

steffen.plorin Fri, 12/14/2007 - 04:42

and how can I stop the UTU of 15414 Hosts, outside of discovery network filters ?


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