2 VLANs on 1 Port

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Dec 13th, 2007

Hi all,

can i have 2 vlans assigned to 1 port with cisco switch 2970 ?

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by royalblues about 7 years 5 months ago

You can have only a voice vlan and a data vlan associated with a Cisco switch port.



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Correct Answer
royalblues Thu, 12/13/2007 - 00:46

You can have only a voice vlan and a data vlan associated with a Cisco switch port.



majdalani Thu, 12/13/2007 - 01:38


So there is no way to have 2 data vlans on 1 port !!


royalblues Thu, 12/13/2007 - 02:01


An access port can be part of only one vlan


majdalani Thu, 12/13/2007 - 02:23

Thanks for your responses.

Edison Ortiz Thu, 12/13/2007 - 07:03

You can trunk the switchport and purchase a NIC that is 802.1q aware.

If this switchport connects to another switch, then just configure both switchports as trunk.

A trunk allows you to carry multiple Vlans.

ashirel Thu, 12/13/2007 - 08:01

what is it that you wish to do?

a trunk port w/ multiple vlans may help.

older ios versions allowed multi-vlan ports.

this was phased out as the trunking standard



(arthur sherman AKA avraham shir-el)

majdalani Fri, 12/14/2007 - 02:56


what i wish to do is having one machine to be able to work on 2 vlans using the same port without the need to change the access list on the main switch 4506.

This computer is connected to a 3750 switch on a port that is configure to vlax, now i want this port to be configured for vlanx AND vlany.

shiva_ial Fri, 12/14/2007 - 03:07

hi Tarek ,

you can have only one pc attached to one vlan (means a single port can be member of single vlan alone). my undertsanding is you want same pc connecting in single port to

participate in 2 vlans at same time (not possible i guess)

Edison Ortiz Fri, 12/14/2007 - 07:30

Definitely doable.

1) Purchase a NIC with 802.1q support

2) Configure the switchport as trunk

This procedure is done before on server farm environments where you have a VMWare machine hosting several VMWare hosts running on different subnet. The NIC allows you to allocate the host on the specified subnet.

majdalani Fri, 12/14/2007 - 09:23

Hi Edison,

Say that i have purchased a NIC with 802.1q support. what is next ?

what configuration should be done on this NIC ?

Edison Ortiz Fri, 12/14/2007 - 09:59

The NIC driver should allow you to configure dot1q trunking. The steps are different depending on the NIC driver, read its docs.


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