Provoke a redial of Dialer 1 over DSL

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Dec 13th, 2007
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I have a problem with a customer who owns a Cisco 836 DSL router.. he changed from a "home"-account (with dynamic IP) to a business-account (with one fix official IP), which causes a change of the username/password.

Unfortunately, the router couldn't connect to the internet after this change, because the ISP wasn't ready yet.

Now I had the idea, to try to make the change via remote from my office, when the ISP is ready.

My idea:

- Discovering the actual (dynamic) IP address with whatismyip dot com or something else..

- Logging on to the router

- Set a "reload in 10" command (if something fails)

- Changing username/password

-> If I change this, does dis provoke a relogon of the working DSL-Connection?

-> If not, I had the idea to provoke this with a shut/no shut of the "int Di 1"..

But via Remote, the "shut"-command would kill my telnet-connection.. -> bad! :-)

Would it be possible to make a "macro", including both, the shut and no shut command, and then apply this macro to the int Di 1?

If yes, I hope, both commands would be executed.. Could this work?

If yes, the router should get a fix/non-dynamic IP, which I know already, and then I could relogon, make a "no reload in"-command and a "wr mem" and everything works fine? If not, it would reload in a couple minutes and it would run with the old config..!?

Did I forget something important?

Thanks in advance..

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