No outside access past SB 101 - please help!

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Dec 13th, 2007
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OK, here's my problem. I have a client who has asked me to install a Windows 2003 SBS server in his office - a task I have completed many, many times.

I purchased the server and he purchased a new SB101 small business router.

The backbone (E1) port connects to a data port in his office with a single public facing IP address; the server is configured with a FQDN.

The server has two NICs - one for the LAN and one for the WAN - again, a setup I am very well used to configuring.

Everything works fine… except….

The server can talk to the LAN and the WAN and send emails, the other PC's on the LAN can talk to the server, the LAN and the WAN; however, when attempting to access the server from a remote location (my office) using the http://fqdn I am presented with the login screen for the router!!

I have disabled security, the firewall, everything I can think of, but I just cannot get past the router. As I said, I have set this type of system up many times on routers I have provided but this time, the client wanted this router in particular and I am completely stumped by it!!

Because of the nature of the server software there are many, and changing, ports, so itemising them for NAT would be difficult to say the least. However I did forward port 80 just to see if I could access the company website from a remote location, but still the same problem.

To test that the server is working correctly, I plugged one NIC into the data port in his office and manually configured the IP address/ next hop and so forth, went back to my office and it seems to be functioning fine. It's just when it's attached to the router that we cannot get to it. Also I thought that if I set up a DMZ for the server and let the server firewall take care of any potential problems that might help, but I couldn't find any config in the software for this.

I'm just about to start my nervous breakdown. If anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful.

Cheers. Doc.

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