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Recently upgraded connection for Internet/Web. Used to do QOS on Cisco routers but when upgraded connection ISP supplied router & they do not use any QOS. Remote offices connect & use POP3 for mail retriever & now seeing problems & need to use QOS on the ASA. Which should I use ! Traffic policing ? Traffic shaping ? Traffic marking ?

Any sample config's would be grateful !

Thanks !

I have this problem too.
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Listed below is my QOS for POP3. While this is good for individual's I think I'm having problems when a large email attachment is sent out and is sent out to say 100 users. How can I guard the network from becoming saturated from this type of problem !

class-map POP3

match port tcp eq pop3



policy-map global-policy

class POP3

police 128000 1500


service-policy global-policy global


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