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Dec 13th, 2007


Does anyone know how to call forward as below description ?

Phone A - Phone B - Handphone

when Handphone busy or no one answered went back to Phone B voicemail.

How the programming to be done? If cannot be done, any document supported that ?

The challenging part of this issue, my customer is comparing product A with Cisco. Anyone can help ?


I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Sun, 12/16/2007 - 08:35

Hi Alan,

This is very possible and can be accomplished in at least two ways. Lets say you want Handphone to share User B's Voicemail Box, you can configure a Voicemail profile (in CCM) for User B and then apply it to Handphone under Directory Number Configuration > Directory Number Settings > Voice Mail Profile

Or in Unity set up Alternate Extensions so that Handphone is an Alternate Extension for User B etc. Sharing a Cisco Unity Voice Mail Box between Two or More IP Phones

Configure Alternate Extensions

Open the Unity System Administrator web page.

Navigate to the subscriber's profile. Select Subscribers > Find and Select a Subscriber > Enter Subscriber Information then click Find and click the Subscriber's name for the subscriber that owns the primary phone (Phone B).

When the subscriber page comes up, select the Alternate Extensions option and click Add.

Enter the alternate extension number (in this case Handphone) and click the Save icon.

From this good Unity doc;

Sharing a Cisco Unity Voice Mail Box between Two or More IP Phones

Hope this helps!


howct7231 Sun, 12/16/2007 - 18:08

Hi Rob,

Appreciate your answer.

In the Cisco CallManager publisher itself, is it able to execute the call forward facilities without any unity voice mail involved ?

Is there an equvalent of "coverage of calls redirected off-net enable" function in Cisco Call Manager ?

Thanks again

iglesiascarlos Thu, 04/03/2008 - 09:24

Hi Alan and Rob,

I would like to set CFA to a cellular phone (this works properly). If the cellular phone is busy or it doesn't answer then I want the call to be forwarded to the voicemail ( I have tried with the CF NO coverage function of the extension but it doesn't work, I get a reorder tone).

My system is a CCM 6.0 and unity 5.0

I would be very grateful if you could explain me in detial how to get the forwarding to the mail working.

Thanks a lot


rob.huffman Fri, 04/04/2008 - 06:29

Hi Amaia,

This is possible but you will need to get your Mobile/Cellular provider involved. Once CCM has Forwarded the call off-site to your Cell it has lost control of the call. You can ask your provider to configure the Forward No Answer from the Cell to the Unity Pilot# and then configure the Cell# as an Alternate Extension under your VM Subscriber mailbox (as detailed in the first post I made in this thread). This is the only way to get this working (but it does work nicely :)

Hope this helps!


iglesiascarlos Fri, 04/04/2008 - 09:19

Dear Rob,

Thanks a lot, although this solution is not possible as it depends on the operator.

I thought that maybe in any way you could use the Unity to control the forwarding to the cellular phone and in case of no answer it forwards the call to the voicemail.

Best regards,



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