WiSM trunk/channel ports not operating correctly

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Dec 14th, 2007

New commands were added to 6500 IOS SXF6 to ease initial setup of the trunk and channel ports for the wism. Problem is after typing these commands I can't undo them. This is the "wism module <mod> controller 1 native-vlan" command.

After removing these commands and manually setting up the gig ports and channel/trunk the gig port are in a up/down state and the port channel is down/down. Seems like there is a disconnect between the automaticall created channel group with the new commands. It creates a channel numbered 288 or higher. You can then see this is somehow bound to the wism and it's ports.

Any ideas on how to fully remove the auto-assigned high port-channel interface? Or am I stuck doing it the auto way and I'll have to put the gig ports in the high channel-group?

sh wism module 4 controller 1 status

WiSM Controller 1 in Slot 4

Operational Status of the Controller : Oper-Up

Service VLAN : <snip>

Service Port : 9

Service Port Mac Address : <snip>

Service IP Address : <snip>

Management IP Address : <snip>

Software Version :

Port Channel Number : 289

Allowed vlan list : empty

Native VLAN ID : 1

WCP Keep Alive Missed : 0

I have this problem too.
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Anonymous (not verified) Fri, 12/21/2007 - 08:45

service-port IPs need to be changed to a network address with the 1st octet completely different than any other interface on your controller. There should be only 1 controller listed in the mobility group with which will be the controller you are currently on. All othersshould have the name of your mobility group there

pblume Thu, 08/26/2010 - 19:31

Is the WiSM service port not able to recognize VLSM still a requirement or is this just from old documentation? The service port is configured with a network mask, so why shouldn't it be able to recognize VLSM. I saw this requirement in one (old?) Cisco doc, but haven't seen it anywhere else.


Scott Fella Thu, 12/27/2007 - 17:30

Just create new port channels and leave the port 289 there... you can't remove that.


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