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Dec 14th, 2007
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Hi - I'm unable to get the 1310 Bridge LED's to act as aiming tools during install. I've followed all directions, I've googled and noodled, but can't figure out what I am missing. I'm thinking the alignment tool in the 1310 should act as a "stud finder" that carpenters use to find wood beams behind drywall. As you move the tool left to right, the LED's blink faster, then go steady, then blink faster then slower as you pass the beam center. I'm also confused about the Install Automatic, Install Root, and Install Non-Root options - how are they different from the Root, non-root options just above them? Should I be putting the radio in Install root mode first to align, then switch to root afterwards?

I need to hear from someone that actually uses the LEd's for aiming, and I'm hoping they can give me instructions on how to get started.


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bdunsing2 Thu, 12/20/2007 - 18:19
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Thank you - yes I did read that section. It directs me to put the Bridge in install mode. In the AP interface I have three choices - install auto, install root, install non-root. The documentation does not reference why or when I would use one over the other.

srosenthal Mon, 12/24/2007 - 17:36
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You should set your root bridge to install roon and the non-root bridge to install non-root. The console on both bridges will give you signal reading information as well as getting the LED's to show the signal level. After you have properly aligned the units then you set each one to root or non-root as appropriate.

Are you using the integrated antenna model or external antenna model?

AIR-1310G-A-K9 = integrated antenna

AIR-1310G-A-K9-r = external antenna - you must have an external antenna connected to this unit.

bdunsing2 Tue, 12/25/2007 - 21:25
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I am using the integrated antenna.

I have one unit on each rooftop. My console connection is in the server room of each building - two floors beneath the actual AP.

My first question is this: In Install mode, do the LED's remain in "signal strength" mode indefinately (or at least until I change the AP to root mode?). That would be helpful since I can't be at the console and the AP at the same time.

When you install bridges, do you take a power supply with you to be able to access the console while you are at the AP?

Thanks again for all your advice -



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