Nagendra Kumar ... Sun, 12/16/2007 - 19:20
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Hi Mohinder,

The minimum Tc value is 10 ms. So if your CIR is 768K, you cannot configure Bc of value less than 7680. If you still configure a value lesser than 7680, you will end up with Tc = 10ms and Bc = 7680.



bvsnarayana03 Sun, 12/16/2007 - 23:09
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Tc is the interval during which you send the Bc bits in order to maintain the average rate of the CIR in seconds.

Tc = Bc/CIR in seconds

The range for Tc is between 10 ms and 125 ms. The router internally calculates this value based on the CIR and Bc values in the map class. If Bc/CIR is more than or equal to 125 msec, it uses the internal Tc value. If Bc/CIR is less than 125 ms, it uses the Tc calculated from that equation.

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