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Dec 17th, 2007

Can somebody explain to me what is the output of this pattern of ping result?

1) U.U.U


3) .....


I have this problem too.
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Hi. the U result is from an ICMP packet host unreachable, could be a result of route summarization if you are using EIGRP. Try a show IP route and see if the network you are trying to reach is in the routing table, if not check your routing IP protocols for summary enable, if so you can disable it with no auto-summary command.

As you study for your CCNA and CCNP exams, particularly if you're getting hands-on practice in your home lab or rack rental service, you're going to be sending a lot of pings. As a CCNA or CCNP candidate, you know that five exclamation points (!!!!!) as a ping return indicates that you have IP connectivity to the remote destination. Five periods (.....) indicates that you do not have that connectivity. The ping return of "U.U.U" is a general indication that the packets are indeed being transmitted, but that a downstream router is having a problem routing the packets.


Goutam Sanyal Mon, 12/17/2007 - 22:20

"U" = Destinnation Unreachable

"." = The Network server/service timed out while waiting for a reply

"H" = Host unreachable

"P" = Protocol "

"N" = Network "

"!" = Receipt of a reply

"Q" = Source quench

"M" = Could not fragment

"?" = Unknown packet type

Hope it'll help you out.


Goutam S


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