transcoding in CCM

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Dec 17th, 2007

hi, i want to know that is transcoding possible in CCM ( any version not express ) ?? a guy told me that its not, i am just having a little confusion that why is it so, it has something to do with DSPs i know but i will appreciate if some1 can forward me a link addressing this issue in detail


I have this problem too.
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jbarcena Tue, 12/18/2007 - 07:56

Once you have the resources to configure transcoding, just follow these steps:


STEP 1: Set the interface for SCCP; este comando determina que IP va usar CCM para comunicarse con el GW.

AVVID2(config)#sccp local interface

STEP 2: Configure the CCM address; cada CCM al que el GW puede registrarse debe ser configurado con un unico identificador. La version de CCM es opcional pero si no la pones puedes tener problemas de registro con el CCM.

AVVID2(config)#sccp ccm ip_address identifier identifier_number [version ccm version]

STEP 3: Initialize SCCP; tienes que habilitar el uso de skinny en el GW.


STEP 4: Configure the voice card to support conferencing and transcoding; recuerda de habilitar el dspfarm en la voice-card correcta

AVVID2(config)#voice-card 0

AVVID2(config-voicecard)#dsp services dspfarm

STEP 5: Create a DSP farm profile for transcoding; se puede asociar cada profile con un CCMGroup. Los profiles se asocian siempre con el commando application sccp. Es el mismo procedimiento para Transcoder y MTP, solo cambias la palabra conference por transcoder o mtp

AVVID2(config)#dspfarm profile profile_number Transcoder

AVVID2(config-dspfarm-profile)#assoicate application sccp

AVVID2(config-dspfarm-profile)#maximum sessions sessions_number

AVVID2(config-dspfarm-profile)#no shut

STEP 6: Associate profiles with CCMGroups; puedes asociar varios profiles con un CCMGroup. Cada profile debe tener un device_name unico entre 6 y 16 caracteres, que sera usado para registrate con el CCM. Este device_name debe ser el mismo que usas al agregar el Conference en CCM.

AVVID2(config)#sccp ccm group number

AVVID2(config-sccp-ccm)#associate ccm identifier_number priority priority_number

AVVID2(config-sccp-ccm)#associate profile profile_number register device_name

AVVID2(config-sccp-ccm)#bind interface interface

STEP 7: Define the resources in CallManager


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