Show interface for bandwidth allocation ?

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Dec 18th, 2007

Hi Experts,

I am trying to understand.. if by doing - show interface xx, I will be able to get the bandwitdh for that particular interface?

Can I say that the interface ATM below is having 45M bandwitdh trunking ?

ATM1/0.1 is up, line protocol is up

Hardware is RS8234 ATM DS3

Description: : To Schale

Internet address is

MTU 4470 bytes, BW 45000 Kbit, DLY 190 usec,

reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

Encapsulation ATM

327536471 packets input, 169303160454 bytes

418637587 packets output, 228933701660 bytes

566 OAM cells input, 564 OAM cells output

AAL5 CRC errors : 1569

AAL5 SAR Timeouts : 0

AAL5 Oversized SDUs : 0

AAL5 length violation : 68

AAL5 CPI Error : 4

Last clearing of "show interface" counters never

Thanks in advanced.

I have this problem too.
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Edison Ortiz Tue, 12/18/2007 - 21:02

"show interface" will tell you the maximum bandwidth the interface supports (physical limitation)


the configured bandwidth value under the interface

However, it does not reflect the "subscribed" bandwidth from an ISP. The router is not able to tell how much bandwidth you've subscribed.

cindylee27 Tue, 12/18/2007 - 21:08

Hi Edison,

Thanks for your input..

Anyway to tell how much the bandwidth subscribed through commands ? or purely I need to use monitoring software to do it?

Edison Ortiz Wed, 12/19/2007 - 06:53

Anyway to tell how much the bandwidth subscribed through commands ?

Sorry, there isn't any command in the router to produce that information.

You can stress-test the circuit and check the interface (input/output bits per interval) and get an educated idea on how big is the pipe.

Danilo Dy Wed, 12/19/2007 - 07:12


Try using pchar to determine the bandwidth subscribed

From what I understand, for DS3 you need to put the bandwidth subscribed in the interface configuration. Both you and your provider should have the exact number, else you will get a lot of error in your interface (i forgot the errors). This is from my experience which I have 2 x DS3 from different location connects to Internet Provider 1 with different bandwidth subscription (FIXED) and 1 x DS3 from another location that connects to Internet Provider 2 with burstable bandwidth up to 45Mbps.

Here is a sample from one of my FIXED subscription of 20Mbps


interface ATM4/1

load-interval 30

atm scrambling cell-payload

atm framing cbitplcp

no atm ilmi-keepalive


interface ATM4/1.1 point-to-point

ip address

pvc 20/21

vbr-nrt 20000 20000

oam-pvc manage 30

encapsulation aal5snap

I can't find the config for burstable. I already replaced them with MetroE :) as they becoming more expensive and to think that they are old technology with old infrastructure




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