Strange but very serious Extension Mobility issue!!!

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Dec 19th, 2007

We have a problem with our CallManager system this morning; we use extension mobility but most users stay logged in and these users have been able to use their phones without any problem. However, those users who logged off last night are having problems logging back in this morning - the system logs them in, apparently successfully but does not assign the logged in profile to the phone. We have tried resetting the phone, loggin off and back on again but have not been able to resolve this issue. Can you please assist?

I have this problem too.
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How did you manage to resolve the issue? I just had the same error on a CUCM 6.1 server. I tried restarting the EM Services but without succes. After this I rebooted the server and the issue was solved.

Although the link doesn't address the exact problem, I think restarting the TomCat service will help. It should be a lot quicker than rebooting the whole server.

Best Regards,

Paul van den IJssel


Jon Nelson Thu, 07/10/2008 - 07:01

This was a bug in 6.0.1, but should be fixed in 6.1.1. Here is the bug ID: CSCsj62370.

The only fix was a Publisher reboot (assuming you are running ExMo on the Pub).

I would open a TAC case and reference this bug even though it is closed.




Hi Jon,

I'm not quite shure this is the same problem. The issue resided on all of the phones, not particular on new phones. When the logged in they did get the message 'login succesful, loading profile' but the profile was never loaded. But they where able to log off. And also the log off message appeared in the screen.

So it's just the profile that is not getting loaded after loggin on.

Best regards,

Paul van den IJssel



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