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Dec 19th, 2007

All, I have imported users and phones into Unified Communications Manager 6 already, and now I am having to go back and assign DNs to phones manually, along with assign phones and DNs to users. Is there a way with BAT to go back and do this even though I have already imported in the users and phones? I have alot of work ahead of me if not. Thanks in advance for the thoughts.

I have this problem too.
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allan.thomas Wed, 12/19/2007 - 08:42

Unfortunately the BAT override option is specifically when importing phones, it simply enable you to override the device template settings with any setting within the csv file.

For example if you have configured the device profile to CFNA to 1000, you may have configured a dozen phones to CFNA to 2000 in the CSV.

With the override option checked when you do the import, it simply overrides the CFNA setting 1000 for the phones where where CFNA is set to 2000. So all the phones in the CSV will be imported with CFNA 1000 with the exception of the 12 phone which would have CFNA 2000.

I would recommend following the good advice provided by Rob in this situation, it is always sensible to test inadvance when making changes of this scale.

Hope this makes sense.



Rob Huffman Wed, 12/19/2007 - 07:25

Hi John,

This may take some testing to find the exact method to use. I would try this on only one or two test phones for starters. Try an Export of these test phones into a .csv file then delete the phones/users. Take the .csv and add the missing info or cut/paste the exported info into a new import file and then do a Phones/Users Import. I have used a similar method for converting Phone/Users from 7940's to 7941's etc.

Hope this helps!


jjoseph01 Wed, 12/19/2007 - 08:22

Thanks guys. Im going to try to do this sometime today. Got sidetracked to another Unity Connection thing. Will let you know how it turns out, THANKS! for the input. Will get back with you.

jjoseph01 Wed, 12/19/2007 - 12:32

Tried this, but cant seem to get a DN inserted in there. Any ideas?

Rob Huffman Wed, 12/19/2007 - 13:08

Hi John,

With BAT which type of file are you trying to use for Phones/Users. BAT.xlt or a custom .csv file? Both do have a column or section for Directory/Telephone number.


.csv File format

Phones With Users Combinations File Format

The following sample shows the field length and whether the field is optional or mandatory for a text-based CSV file for phones and the fixed user format.

First Name(Mandatory, 1 to 50 characters), Last Name(Mandatory, 1 to 50 characters), User ID(Mandatory, 1 to 30 characters), Password(Optional, up to 20 characters), Manager USer ID(Optional, up to 30 characters, must use the ID that exists in global directory), Department(Optional, up to 50 characters), PIN(Optional up to 20 numerals),Default Profile(Optional, up to 50 characters),User Locale (Optional, up to 50 characters),Telephone Number (Optional, up to 20 numerals),Primary Extension (Optional, up to 50 numerals),Associated PC(Optional, up to 50 characters),ICD Extension(Optional, up to 50 numerals),Mail ID (Optional, up to30 characters),Presence Group (Optional, up to 50 characters),Subscribe Calling Search Space (Optional, up to 50 characters), MAC Address (Mandatory, up to 12 characters),Description (Optional, up to 50 characters), Location (Optional, up to 50 characters), Directory Number (Optional, up to 24 numerals and special characters), Display (Optional, up to 30 characters), Line Text Label (Optional, up to 30 characters), Forward Busy External (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Forward No Answer External (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Forward No Coverage External (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Forward Busy Internal (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Forward No Answer Internal (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Forward No Coverage Internal (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Call Pickup Group (Optional, up to 50/50 characters), Speed Dial (Optional, up to 50 numerals and special characters), Speed Dial Label (Optional, up to 30 characters)


John,Smith,johns,abcde,Daviss,12,12345,johnProfile,English United



Let us know,


jjoseph01 Wed, 12/19/2007 - 13:31

Did the export of phones. Should I have done a different one? Phones and users doesnt give me the option to export.

jjoseph01 Wed, 12/19/2007 - 13:32

Options it gives me for phones:

Device Name,Description,Device Pool,Phone Template,CSS,AAR CSS,Location,Extension Mobility,Network Locale,Media Resource Group List,User Hold Audio Source,Network Hold Audio Source,Device User Locale,Signal Packet Capture Mode,Packet Capture Duration,Built in Bridge,Privacy,Retry Video Call as Audio,Ignore Presentation Indicators,Softkey Template,Module 1,Module 2,Phone Load Name,Module 1 Load Name,Module 2 Load Name,Information,Directory,Messages,Services,Authentication Server,Proxy Server,Idle,Idle Timer,MLPP Indication,MLPP Preemption,MLPP Domain,Device Type,User ID 1,Common Phone Configuration,Owner User ID,Allow CTI Control Flag,Device Presence Group,Security Profile,Device Subscribe CSS,Unattended Port,Require DTMF Reception,RFC2833 Disabled,Certificate Operation,Authentication String,Certification Operation Completion Time,Device Protocol,Secure Shell User,Secure Shell Password,XML,Dial Rules,CSS Reroute,CSS Refer,DTMF Signalling,Default DTMF Capability,SIP Profile,SIPCodec_MTPPreferredOrigCodec,Logout Profile,MTP Required,Digest User,Signaling Port,Outgoing Caller ID Pattern,Calling Party Selection,Calling Party Presentation,Display IE Delivery,Redirecting Number IE Delivery Outbound,Redirecting Number IE Delivery Inbound,Gatekeeper Name,E.164,Technology Prefix,Zone,Motorola WSM Connection,Subscriber Cellular Number,Follow me only when caller has dialed cellular num,Disable Application Dial Rules,AAR Group,Logged Into Hunt Group,Remote Device,Device Mobility Mode,Common Device Configuration,Remote Destination Name,Remote Destination Number,Is Mobile Phone,Answer Too Soon Timer,Answer Too Late Timer,Delay Before Ringing Cell,Active Access List Name,Blocked Access List Name,Smart Client Installed,Mobility User ID,DND Option,DND Incoming Call Alert,Do Not Disturb,Enable Mobile Connect,Calling Party Transformation CSS,Primary Phone

Rob Huffman Wed, 12/19/2007 - 14:01

Hi John ,

My BAD.....I didn't realize how different BAT 6.0.1 looks (sorry). The only way that I can see doing this is to Export Phones (all details), Export Users. Take the info you need from both files and copy into a new Phone/User Import/Insert like the previous one that I had attached. You would have to delete the specified phones and users prior to doing the new Phone/User Import. Do a few practice runs first just to be safe :)

Again, my apologies for not looking more closely at this!


jjoseph01 Wed, 12/19/2007 - 14:12

Hey, no biggie, THANKS! for looking at it. I appreciate it. Im more frustrated with the AA thing at the moment anyway.


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