G711 Vs G729 voice quality

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Dec 19th, 2007


just something i noticed and though id shoot it out. i recently did an install for a customer. initially, i had them on g711 and although the customer didnt notice anything, i noticed a slight walkie talkie effect (like if we had VAD enabled). i checked though all the normal procedures but nothing seemed out of place (VAD was disabled). i changed to G729 and immediately, the quality was excellent even to this day. i have had not a single report of quality issues.

Now i had another install using 711 and that was fine using CCM 5.0

any reason why? this is CCM 5.1

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First of all, disable VAD is always good thing to do.

According my experience, I did not notice any voice quality compare G711 and G729 under a health network and proper installation.

If you have limited bandwidth through WAN, I suggest use G729 with compression, if you have a lot of bandwidth, it really doesnt matter what codec you use.

Remember, follow the SRDN for QoS and Callmanager design base on the situation you have for different customer...

Just my 5 cents. Good luck :)



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