Transfer from Siemens Phone won't generate Route Request

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Dec 20th, 2007
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here is a brief synopsis of our scenario:

Issue: Post-Routing not working with ICM v5.0 integration with Siemens Hicomm PBX.

Configured on Siemens:

Triggered ART 210 (Contains a single 'Delayed Ringback' step)

ACD Number 5019 assigned to Triggered ART 210

Configured on ICM:

RCG 210 added to Peripheral Monitor table

Dialed Number 5019

Test calls result in the following:

SUCCESS: Call 5019 directly, and the call is processed normally by ICM Script

SUCCESS: Call the 7 digit DID for 5019, and the call is processed normally by ICM Script

SUCCESS: Transfer a call to the 7 digit DID for 5019 (trombone), and the call is processed normally by ICM Script

FAILURE: Transfer a call to 5019 directly, and no Post Route event is received from the Siemens Call Bridge. No Route Request is received, resulting in no Route_Call_Detail record. But you can see the Transfer failure to the Seimen 8 digit Device ID rather than the 5019 ACD DN that you would see on a direct call.

This seems to clearly indicate some kind of configuration issue, as Post-Routing is successful under some circumstances. We are looking for any insight into why we cannot successfully transfer a call to an ACD Number assigned to a Triggered ART.

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Riccardo Bua Mon, 12/24/2007 - 09:55
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Hi there,

this kind of questions are truly material for a TAC Service Request.

I could only guess without logs, but do you have a translation route configured for the transfer scenario?

What is the error the ACD and the PIM is showing on the Post Route Request?

Please be aware that your ACD is only supported in the US version in the provided Release, so there is little chance of a large installed base across the different countries and others running in a similar issue.

Last, but not least ICM 5.0 is being outphased, so I would consider also a possible upgrade to confirm wherever this would work or not a possible option.




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