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Dec 21st, 2007

Hi all,

nice to be here,i study for the ccent exam my first step at cisco network devices, i am studing cisco oficial book and i have a question about vlan configuration...the book say in order to create a vlan you type vlan 22(for example) from configuration mode...but my router simulator does not support this command and must type the vlan database command from enable mode to get to vlan configuration mode and then create the vlan like vlan 22,the last case is also supported from cisco configuration pages for the catalyst 2950 (2950 with ios 12.1 in this device i try all these commands) so which is the right method ton configure a 2650 switch?

maybe in the book that print the example is the ios newest?

my best regards!

I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Fri, 12/21/2007 - 13:48

Configuring vlans from config mode is the more current and "correct" way to do it. The "vlan database" command is being deprecated. This has been the case for some time although, as you notice, the command is still in IOS and is still widely used. For the exam, I would recommend learning to configure vlans from config mode.

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chmoschos Sat, 12/22/2007 - 10:03

many thanks for the ios 12.1 doesn't support the vlan configuration from config mode?support only tha vlan database command?


Hi There

I am not sure that the problem is with the version of IOS you are running.

You mentioned in your original post that you are using a "Router Simulator", is this correct. Then it is quite possible that this is a problem with the simulator, as in my opinion a lot of the simulator programs that I have come across have these kinds of issues.

What switch model are you using in the simulator program?

It is for this reason the you will see it recommended to build your own home lab (funds permitting of course) as you just cannot beat using real equipment for hands on studies. And you do not need to follow the official equipment list on the Cisco site.

Sure it would be great if we could afford new 2811 routers and 3560/3750 switches etc but you can work just a well with 2600/3600 routers, 2950 switches for layer 2 configuration and 3550 switches for layer 3 work. While these are not being given away, they can be found reasonably cheap on Ebay.

Best Regards,



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