MPLS TE and multiple interfaces

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Dec 24th, 2007
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I want to run MPLS TE

My PE routers have 2 STM1 links connectd to P routers

If i want to reserve 200Mbps for my TE tunnel while 2 pos interfaces are not part of POS-channel RSVP will see that there is not enough BW in case there is 300 Mbps available BE , 150 for each STM1 link

So what is the solution for this situation while my OSR routers dose not support pos-channel


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Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 12/31/2007 - 08:06
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The MPLS-TE tunnel can be configured to use multiple path options from the source to the destination so that it can choose the path it needs in the order of preference. Paths can be explicitly configured or dynamically established using the information available in the topology table and the constraints imposed. Configure the path options by issuing the tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option command under the tunnel interface. If there is any explicit path configuration involved, define the path to be used by issuing the ip explicit-path command in global configuration mode.

BALAJI RAJAN Wed, 01/02/2008 - 02:13
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Best solution might be creating two tunnels with 100Mbps reservation on both POS physical liks for each tunnel, And load balance the traffic through these two tunnels.

You may have to work with selection of link for each tunnels.

Due to "as you mentioned POC-channel is not supported by OSR routers."

dknov Sun, 01/13/2008 - 01:14
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Another solution could be to build GRE tunnel between Loopback interfaces on both devices and run TE over it. You can run into MTU issues though due to to additional 24 bytes of IP/GRE headers.

I would agree that two TE tunnels with explicit path each one over different STM1 link is a more elegant solution and auto-route can make this setup a breeze (depending on what your head and tail ends are).



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