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Dec 24th, 2007
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We have 2 ME 3750 connected to our internet backbone. On these devices we have our customers connected which have mailservers /internet access/.. .

The goal is to limit the traffic to the amount that our customers ordered ( 1Mbit/... ) .

I can configure policing on each interface which does the trick but I'm afraid that I will loose UDP traffic which will influence the customer's application .

Are there other methods that I can use to limit the traffic ?

srr-queue bandwidth limit is not possible because you can configure it only between 10-90 % percent but our internet backbone is only 2*16 Mbit.

srr-queue shaping/sharing seems to be difficult solution .

How is this done with our providers ? Just use the policing command ?



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you could set the port to 10 Mbps and use the limit - that gives you 1Mbps.

If you need more granularity then use srr-queue commands and shaping, as the shape will work in the rate set by the "limit" command.

you need "srr-queue bandwidth shape" to limit the traffic, 1 number per queue.

the bandwidth limit is 1/N - so "5" gives you 20% limit on that queue.

So 10 Mbps port, 10% limit is 1 Mbps, and 20% on 1 queue gives you 200 Kbps.....

1 thing to watch is worst case delay as there doesnt seem to be much you can do to limit the buffer pool size, only shift it between the 4 different queues in a set.



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