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Dec 26th, 2007
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Could someone help me with some tips on how to communicate a CallManager configured as MGCP with a remote router via H323, each system is working on their own network but I need to communicate each other.

- The remote router is a 2801 router already configured with H323 commands pointing to the voice gateway of the CCM.

- The CallManager configured as MGCP has configured the remote router (2801) as an H323 device

My question is, do I have to make some configuration on the voice gateway?? What else do I need to communicate each other??


Juan Carlos Arias

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Hi Juan Carlos,

I think you're mixing a few things up here.

MGCP and H323 are both gateway signaling protocols. MGCP is a client-server one which let the callmanager control your gateway, while H323 is peer-to-peer which allows the gateway to operate on its own (with more flexibility and power).

So with that in mind, could you rephrase your exact problem?



Juan Carlos Ari... Thu, 12/27/2007 - 09:24
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Cédric, thanks for your comments, I think I better tell you my situation and then you could recommend me something to do, both systems are working by their own in sepparate networks. A callmanager configured as MGCP and another router in another place configured with VoIP at this moment.

Now, the question is, which is the best solution to join this 2 systems to communicate with each other?? What should I configure?? What do you recommend me??

Thanks for your time,

Juan Carlos Arias

Juan Carlos Ari... Fri, 12/28/2007 - 07:56
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Hi Cédric,

This is my situation:

- I have a CallManager configured as MGCP working on his own network

- On a remote office I have a 2801 router connected to a PBX

They are routed, and I need to establish communication betweeen the phones registered to Cisco CallManager, and phones registered to another vendor PBX.

Hope being clear enough so you can give me some tips.


Juan Carlos Arias

Is the 2801 yours too?

Can it be added to your CCM cluster?

If yes, why not make it MGCP too so you can do QSIG and have supplementary features of the PBX? (have a look at the interoperability guides, your pbx might be there)

If not, just send all traffic to its ip addres, or configure the gateway in sip, and setup a sip trunk to the gateway.

happy new year btw ;)



Juan Carlos Ari... Fri, 12/28/2007 - 08:09
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I can't added as CCM cluster, on the remote router I already sent all traffic to voice gateway, but in voice gateway or CCM is my problem, I don't know exactly what or how to configure it. I configure the remote router in CCM as a H323 device, but what else do I have to do??


Juan Carlos Arias


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