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Dec 27th, 2007

for some reason once maybe twice a month my pix just stops working. It stays powered on 24/7. no changes are being made to it. the lights stay blinking. but it just stops working. does the pix keep any log files, so maybe i can try to find out what is going on? we have a pix 506E

I have this problem too.
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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Thu, 12/27/2007 - 16:31

Danny, this is a very strange behaviour that pix stops working randomly once/twice per month.. what I could recommend is to check regularly your pix performance and sort of create a check list of things to look into in the pix to start ruling out posible causes. You may also want to check your pix version code and go to cisco bugs toolkit database to see if you observe any bug reports that could match your stop functioning problem.

Monitoring pix performance


I do not recommend this as this can consume a lots of system resources including cpu cycles but I only enable it for a very short period of time when I want to actually see some logs. Seting up a syslog and instruct pix to send logs to syslog server.




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