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Dec 29th, 2007

Hi All,

i have a new connection between the Main Office Site and a new remote site.

the 2 sites are connected by a fiber the main site by 6500 and the remote site with 3560.

you can find that all in the attachment.

the problem is that from my subnet i can connect (telnet & Ping) to the 6500 i also can connect to 2 other switch (2960) behind the remote site, but the problem is that i can't connect (telnet & ping) to the 3560!!! olthough i can reach the switches behind it.

can anyone help me please...

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by binhkdinh about 8 years 9 months ago

You have "ip routing" on the 3560's. This means that "ip default-gateway ..." is not in effect. You might want to use "ip route ..." instead.

Please go to the cisco link explaining the difference between "ip route 0 0" and "ip default-gateway"

Hope this helps.


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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Sat, 12/29/2007 - 11:58

Are you be able to console to these 3560?

1- Make sure the switches have ip default-gateway configured in them.

2- Are there any access-list / access-class aplied in vty lines ?

check this and get back.



glen.grant Sat, 12/29/2007 - 12:01

Sounds like no default gateway or default static route if the 3560 has ip routing turned on ..

m.samouka Sat, 12/29/2007 - 12:34

i actually can connect to these 2 switches from the core switches. but i cant telnet or even ping them from my management subnet although i can telnet and reach the switches behind them!

for the default gateways on these switches you can find them in the configuration file.

JORGE RODRIGUEZ Sat, 12/29/2007 - 13:55

does your 2960 switches behind 3560s have also their defualt-dateway as

m.samouka Mon, 12/31/2007 - 09:11

Any News guys, this issue doesn't make sense and i can't solve it...

m.samouka Tue, 01/01/2008 - 06:17

Thanks Very much man :-)

you are right this was the problem, and it is solved now.

Many thanks for you all Guys.

(& Happy new year!!)


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