understanding eigrp topology table

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Hi, the correct answers are C, F, E you can determine this by looking at the fesible distance numbers and the word via a certain interface, in this case int e0/1. EIGRP is a great routing protocol for large network since it only changes the routing table / topology when a change ahs been made or a link has failed. I foung the cisco learning center very helpful in learing routing protocols, check out the link below. HTH


I will explain whats confisuing me

if you look at the link, the network is directly connected to the neighbor Now the FD for this network is given as 28160

Now we also see that is learnt from wiht a AD of 28160. If this network is a directly connected subnet, then the FD should have been 28160 (AD to reach (AD to the network) which doesn not seem to be the case

Am i missing something here?



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