too many recipients at this hour

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Jan 3rd, 2008
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Thu Jan 3 15:47:04 2008 Info: New SMTP DCID 2880414 interface address port 25
Thu Jan 3 15:47:04 2008 Info: Delivery start DCID 2880414 MID 5800177 to RID [0]
Thu Jan 3 15:47:04 2008 Info: Delayed: DCID 2880414 MID 5800177 to RID 0 - 4.1.0 - Unknown address error ('452', ['Too many recipients received this hour']) []
Thu Jan 3 15:47:04 2008 Info: MID 5800177 to RID [0] pending till Thu Jan 3 15:49:08 2008 [Default]
Thu Jan 3 15:47:11 2008 Info: DCID 2880414 close

anyone know what this is? too many recipients this hour?

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Poesjkin_ironport Thu, 01/03/2008 - 10:25
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This is caused by rate limiting at receiving end; as per their policy you're only allowed to send them x-messages per hour.

Donald Nash Thu, 01/03/2008 - 18:37
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To follow up on Poesjkin's message, that error text is exactly what an IronPort ESA will give when it applies rate limiting. If the receiving MTA is indeed an IronPort ESA, then that drastically narrows the likely reasons for the rate limiting. The most likely reason is that your sending ESA has an IP address with a poor SenderBase reputation, or has no reputation at all. Another good possibility is that that IP address fails the address->name->address double-lookup DNS verification. Try investigating those and see what you come up with.

kluu_ironport Fri, 01/04/2008 - 15:02
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To add to previous comments, the smtp code,

'452', ['Too many recipients received this hour']

is basically telling the sending MTA to come back later because they've exceeded the limits with respect to their sendergroup/mail flow policy (Mail Policies > HAT Overview).

Angorya_ironport Fri, 09/26/2008 - 16:10
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I have this same problem, but the thing is that i configured ironport to accept incoming relay from a mx server.

I thought that this rate limitis configuration shouldn't apply...


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