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Jan 3rd, 2008


If i create put encap frame on a main interface and create a sub interface and then I delete the sub interface using no int se1/0.1 etc .

By doing the above no int se1/0.1, will I see se1/0.1 when i issue sh ip int brief or will i see it as deleted down?

Please help. Thanks.

I have this problem too.
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s.arunkumar Thu, 01/03/2008 - 23:02

i think u can delet a sub interface only by reloading the router..

just try "default inter ser 1/0"

note this cmd will clear all ur configs under interface.

s.arunkumar Fri, 01/04/2008 - 00:48

hey i tried "default int ser 1/0".It doesnt remove the sun interface,but just clears the configuration...

i think options is give "no int ser 1/0.1" and then reload it without saving the config ..

adityamanda Fri, 01/04/2008 - 00:52


By issuing "no int s1/0.1" or "default int s1/0.1", the sub interface will reflect as deleted down when "sh ip int brie" is given.

i reckon reloading will remove the subinterface but will not a feasible solution on a live network.

Edit - ** the config under the subint will be cleared on giving the above commands.

royalblues Fri, 01/04/2008 - 01:46

Yes Aditya is correct.

Only the configs under the sub interface are removed and it is displayed as deleted down in the sh ip int brief command

You need a reboot to clear these interfaces



caijunjie Sat, 01/05/2008 - 08:58

Thanks everyone for the reply. Here a question. If I issue the no int command, and the sub-interface show as deleted.

1. If i dun reboot the router and i do a write mem, can i say that the sub-interface is basically not present although it show deleted cos sometimes it not advisable to reboot the router in production. ?

2. When i do a write mem and reboot the router later on, will the sub-interface be shown when i issue a sh ip int brief?

PLease help. Thanks.



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