acharyr123 Sat, 01/05/2008 - 02:33
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Thanks a lot. I went through the documents but didn't understand all the steps.. Could u please explain the last (5) steps.

Rgds..Partha Acharya

ankbhasi Mon, 01/07/2008 - 04:09
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  • Cisco Employee,

Hi Partha,

Let me try to explain the steps and see if this helps you

Step 1)

You build the database first and load it on any tftp server in a text file in ASCII format and then on your switch which you want to work as VMPS server point to TFTP server so that it can download that file from tftp server after enabling VMPS on that switch.

Step 2)

Then login to the switches which you want to work as VMP client and on that switch point the ip address of VMPS server so that when client connect to the dynamic port this switch can redirect the request to VMPS server

Step 3)

Now on the switches which you configured for VMPS client you will connect any machine on ports. We generally configure "switchport mode access" and then give the vlan number for that port but because VMPS is dynamic you have to configure switchport membership as dynamic

Step 4 & 5 are very well explainatory.

Please come back if you have any more doubts



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acharyr123 Mon, 01/07/2008 - 07:29
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Thankx a lot Ankur.

But i am facing serious issues at the time of uploading the vmps script to VMPS server (5509 CAT OS Switch) through tftp.

I used these steps & also attached the .txt file (vmps database script file) so that you can find out what i wrong i have done.

1. I created 2 VLAN's into 4507 (IOS) switch named guest & quarantine.

2. 1 L2 (2960) switch is connected with this very 5509 switch where i am sitting.

3. Port b/w 4507 & 2960 is made as trunk. They are pinging vice-versa. L2 switch management ip:

My machine static ip:

4. In L2 switch i have pointed out the VMPS server (vmps server primary-this is the IP of 5509 switch).

guest ip:

quarantine ip:

5. No ports are made as dynamic as i didn't get any command to make a port to dynamic rom static.

6. The VMPS database .txt file & the tftp server is kept into a folder.

7. In 5509 (VMPS server) i issues these commands:

set vmps downmethod tftp

set vmps tftpserver vmps-config-database.1

set vmps state enable

8. After issuing this command (set vmps state enable) it throwsan error

Vlan Membership Policy Server enable is in progress.

Console> (enable) 2008 Jan 05 13:16:33 %VMPS-2-INVFILE:PARSER: Invalid File Format, syntax error at line 1

2008 Jan 05 13:16:33 %VMPS-2-DNLDFAIL:Download Failed. VMPS is now inactive

9. I found in sh config that the command "set vmps tftpserver" is changed automatically everytime to "set vmps downloadserver".

10. 4507 & 5509 are also connected via trunk.

Hope it will help you in guiding me to solve this very issue.

Rgds..Partha Acharya

ankbhasi Mon, 01/07/2008 - 08:04
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Hi Partha,

I believe the extension you gave in command "set vmps tftpserver vmps-config-database.1" does not match the file you uploaded on your tftp server.

Also on your client switch please follow these commands

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan dynamic

also point your client switch to contact vmps server using command

vmps server ipaddress

on global config mode



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