Is this Catalyst 3550 image, EMI or SMI?

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Hi Jorge

Cheers, thanks for the confirmation. This is what I thought, but I just wanted to be sure as there is a 3550 on Ebay listed as an SMI but with the above mentioned IOS installed (according to the "show ver" output posted). The posting did not mention that the IOS had been upgraded to an EMI image, so I just wanted to check before I bid.

Again thanks for the swift response,

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Hi Jorge

Thanks for the link. There is some useful information there.

The switch (if I am successful in the auction) is a SMI model that appears to have the EMI upgrade. As this is just for my home lab for my CCNP studies this will have to suffice, as it is coming out of my pocket and the 3550 EMI models are usually much more expensive than the upgraded SMI models.

Best Regards & Thanks again for the information,



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