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Jan 9th, 2008

Hello not sure if I am on the right forum but I need to know where do my Call logs are located on my call manager 4.1. Need to track incoming and outgoing calls.

I have this problem too.
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redrobish Wed, 04/23/2008 - 17:45

Hi Rob,

in relation to the question above, did the CDR have any logs in text file or any format?

Or it's only on the SQL database?

If it has, by default, where is it located?

got CM 4.1 too!

We're trying to import the CDR logs to a freeware VQmanager voip monitoring tool...just testing.


rob.huffman Thu, 04/24/2008 - 04:59

Hi Robert,

Hope all is well! This is an excellent question :) My understanding of the CDR process is that in CCM Versions up to 5.x SQL is the only way to see CDR's with all the requisite details. The calls are collected originally as "flat files" on the Subscribers servers and then moved/merged/compiled in the CDR db.

Cisco CDR Insert reads transferred files, places contents into the call detail record (CDR) database, and removes old files. When you enable CDR collection, Cisco CallManager writes CDRs to flat files on the subscriber hard drive as calls are made. The Cisco CDR Insert service periodically inserts the records from these files into the publisher centralized SQL database. The Cisco CDR Insert service does not insert a record if the CDRFormat enterprise parameter has a value of Flat. For more information on CDRs and related parameters

When CDR collection is enabled through the CDR Enabled Flag Cisco CallManager service parameter, Cisco CallManager writes call detail records (CDRs) to flat files on the subscriber servers as calls are completed. When CDR Diagnostic collection is enabled through the Call Diagnostics Enabled Cisco CallManager service parameter, Cisco CallManager writes call detail diagnostic records to flat files on the subscriber servers as calls are completed. The Cisco Database Layer Monitor service periodically moves the CDR files from the subscriber to the publisher server (or configured server), and the Cisco CDR Insert Service inserts the records into the configured CDR database.

Here are two great descriptions from two of my favourite NetPros;

From Jorge;

From Jaime;

Hope this helps!


redrobish Thu, 04/24/2008 - 16:32

Thanks Rob for the great info.

You're the man!

One last question:

How to find out when is that transfering of the CDR from the Subs to (Pubs)SQL DB? Can it(schedule) be change? how?

thanks again

Jaime Valencia Thu, 04/24/2008 - 19:28

not sure if you're asking about when the data from CDR goes to ART or when the data from SUBs go to the PUB

the flat files that are generated in the SUBs once the call finished are immediately sent to the PUB and loaded into the CDR DB. I believe it's every minute the info is sent to the PUB to keep it in real-time

about the CDR to ART load it's set by default between midnight and 5 am, you can change that but since it's a high CPU process we recommend leaving the default time

Configuring the CDR Load Schedule



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rob.huffman Fri, 04/25/2008 - 06:08

Hi Robert,

You are most welcome my friend! Thanks so much for the very kind words as well :) As Jaime nicely noted, the movement of the "Flat Files" between the Sub's/Pub is constantly happening.

Take care and thanks again!



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