Setting up Hunt Groups in Call Manager 6

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Jan 11th, 2008

Hey guys, we recently got a Call Manager system where I work and I've been tasked as the administrator... Keep in mind I'm not a phone guy by any means. We had people come out and set it up and I was able to set up auto-registration and configure the phones how I want and everything is good. Now I want to setup hunt groups. I want it so if somebody calls 9999 it'll ring 3999 and then after a couple rings it'll ring 3998 and so on. I can not figure out how to do this at all. Anybody know how I can do this or if there is a tutorial out there somewhere to do this? I'm completely lost.

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sturcott9891 Wed, 01/16/2008 - 06:24

Thanks aizhar, I appreciate your help. I'm having some problems though. I can create the hunt group fine, the hunt group is very straight forward, I also setup the hunt list, it's the hunt pilot that confuses me. The first thing it asks for is the Hunt Pilot, I'm assuming that that means the phone number in which people would call to trigger the Hunt Group correct? So I put in there 9999 but when I call that number I get a sound similar to a busy signal (but not a busy signal).

I've got to imagine that it did something because if I dial any other number that we own but no phone has been configured for there is a message that says "your call could not be completed as dialed, hang up and try again" and I'm pretty sure that's what 9999 did before I setup the Hunt Pilot.

Do I need to create the directory number first? The directory number doesn't exist so I tried to create it but it says that I've got a duplicate value in a unique index column so I'm assuming that it's conflicting with the Hunt Pilot. Any ideas?

mohammednw Wed, 01/16/2008 - 06:33

Did you create the Line group and assign all the agents to that line group???

Avner Izhar Wed, 01/16/2008 - 09:18

Sounds like you did everything ok, try to reset the hunt list and see what happens.

Let me know, Avner.

sturcott9891 Sun, 01/20/2008 - 09:51

Well I figured out what my problem was and it was really simple...the first number in my hunt group wasn't active... =P

But now I'm wrestling with getting it to go to voicemail at the end of the hunt group search. It gives me a choice of using the OR radio button for "use personal preferences" or "destination". Any ideas?

Rob Huffman Sun, 01/20/2008 - 10:48

Hi Shaun,

Great work so far!

These Destination settings (on the Hunt Pilot) need to be configured to go to the Unity Voicemail Pilot #;

Hunt Forward Settings

Forward Hunt No Answer - When the call that is distributed through the hunt list is not answered in a specific time, this field specifies how to forward the call.

Destination This setting indicates the directory number to which calls are forwarded. (This can be the Directory Number of the Unity VM Pilot)

Forward Hunt Busy - When the call that is distributed through the hunt list is busy in a specific time, this field specifies how to forward the call.

Destination This setting indicates the directory number to which calls are forwarded. (This can be the Directory Number of the Unity VM Pilot)

Maximum Hunt Timer - Enter a value (in seconds) that specifies the maximum time for hunting.(Used in conjunction with Forward Hunt Busy)

The Personal Preferences setting is only applied to the number that Originally forwarded the call to the Hunt Pilot :(

Use Personal Preferences - Use this check box to enable the Call Forward No Coverage (CFNC) settings for the **original called number that forwarded the call to this hunt pilot.

The CFNC setting specifies a call forwarding reason that you administer in the Directory Number Configuration window. Calls get diverted based on the value in the directory number's Coverage/Destination field when a call to the directory number first diverts to coverage, and coverage either exhausts or times out, and the associated hunt pilot for coverage specifies Use Personal Preferences for its final forwarding.

Note When this check box is checked, Cisco CallManager ignores the settings in the Destination box and Calling Search Space.

From this doc;

For your setup;

Under the Hunt Pilot - Use the Forward to Voicemail (Destination Setting) and setup the Hunt Pilot DN as an Alternate Extension under one of the Line Group members Voicemail Box or a Shared number on all the phones so you can see the MWI Lamp :)

Hope this helps!


sturcott9891 Mon, 01/21/2008 - 12:43

Thanks Rob! I had actually tried that already, and I guess that's what confuses me the most. I've got my voice mail pilot number (1900) which gets me into the voice mail from any phone. I put that into the destination field. When I do and dial the hunt group number it will go through but when it gets time to go to voice mail it will say "your number cannot be completed as dialed, please consult your directory blah blah blah".

I connected to Unity and created the voice mail fine. I then went into both phones I'm testing with an added the hunt group extension (9999) as a secondary extension. BUT I can't save the 9999 without it saying "duplicate value in UNIQUE COLUMN".

Rob Huffman Tue, 01/22/2008 - 05:42

Hi Shaun,

Good, we are getting there! You can't add 9999 on the IP Phones themselves so we need an alternative. Just set up a new "Shared Line' on the phones, we'll say 5555 in our example.

In Unity setup a new Voicemail Box for 5555 and add 9999 as an Alternate Extension. Leave the Forwarding on the Hunt Pilot at 1999. When the Calls forward through to Unity they should have a CLID of 9999 which will be routed to the new Mailbox on 5555 because of the Alternate Extension setting.

You will have to remove any reference to 9999 from Unity before any of this new config is done.

Hope this helps!



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