LUN zoning limitations - 7 LUN at Cisco MDS Blade IBM

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We use two Cisco MDS IBM Blade FC Switch in IBM BladeCenter contains of 14 Blades with Qlogic HBA and IBM DS4700 Storage with 14 Logical Drives LUN for booting from SAN.

We use Enterprise package in grace period

ENTERPRISE_PKG No - In use Grace 104D 2H

We configured 8 zone in vsan 2 with 8 LUN from DS4700.

When committed zone changes with more then 7 LUN in zones, LUN Zoning disabled with message:

CiscoBl-FC1(config)# zone commit vsan 2

Commit operation initiated. Check zone status

CiscoBl-FC1(config)# 2008 Jan 11 08:02:15 CiscoBl-FC1 %ZONE-2-ZS_TCAM_PROGRAMMING_FAILED: %$VSAN 2%$ TCAM operation failed : , Reason: Only 7 LUN's are supported

2008 Jan 11 08:02:15 CiscoBl-FC1 %ZONE-2-ZS_TCAM_SWITCHED_TO_SOFT_ZONING_MODE: %$VSAN 2%$ Switched to soft zoning : Reason: Hard zoning disabled

2008 Jan 11 08:02:15 CiscoBl-FC1 %ZONE-2-ZS_TCAM_LUN_ZONING_DISABLED: %$VSAN 2%$ LUN zoning disabled : Reason: Hard zoning disabled

CiscoBl-FC1# sh zone status

VSAN: 2 default-zone: deny distribute: full Interop: default

mode: enhanced merge-control: allow

session: none

hard-zoning: disabled broadcast: unsupported

Default zone:

qos: none broadcast: unsupported ronly: disabled

Full Zoning Database :

Zonesets:1 Zones:9 Aliases: 0 Attribute-groups: 1

Active Zoning Database :

CiscoBl-FC1# sh ver

Cisco Storage Area Networking Operating System (SAN-OS) Software

TAC support:

Copyright (c) 2002-2007, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

The copyrights to certain works contained herein are owned by

other third parties and are used and distributed under license.

Some parts of this software may be covered under the GNU Public

License or the GNU Lesser General Public License. A copy of

each such license is available at and


BIOS: version 1.0.11

kickstart: version 3.1(3a)

system: version 3.1(3a)

BIOS compile time: 08/02/07

kickstart image file is: bootflash:/m9100-s2ek9-kickstart-mz.3.1.3a.bin

kickstart compile time: 5/22/2007 17:00:00 [06/17/2007 01:19:57]

system image file is: bootflash:/m9100-s2ek9-mz.3.1.3a.bin

system compile time: 5/22/2007 17:00:00 [06/17/2007 01:37:28]


cisco MDS IBM FC ("1/2/4 Gbps FC/Supervisor-2")

Motorola, e500 with 515052 kB of memory.

Processor Board ID xxxxxxxxxx

bootflash: 250368 kB

slot0: 0 kB

CiscoBl-FC1 kernel uptime is 0 days 2 hours 52 minute(s) 40 second(s)

Last reset at 24255 usecs after Fri Jan 11 05:37:40 2008

Reason: Reset Requested by CLI command reload

System version: 3.1(3a)


We could not find any information of LUN zoning limitations at and SAN OS documentation.


How to create zone with more than 7 LUN, without disabling hard zoning and LUN zoning?

Should we use M9100ENT1K9 part-number to order ENTERPRISE_PKG license?

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htarra Thu, 01/17/2008 - 09:48
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only luns 0-7 are made visible so you can not create zone with more than 7 LUN, without disabling hard zoning and LUN zoning. I don't think that the LUN discovery feature is being disabled by the EMC array.

dmcloon Wed, 01/23/2008 - 18:39
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The 9124/9134 platform has very limited hardware support for LUN zoning. Only 8 LUNs are supported. If you exceed 8 LUNs in your LUN zoning configuration then LUN zoning will be disabled.

We will put a note in the MDS Configuation Guide.

dmcloon Wed, 01/23/2008 - 21:44
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correction - max 7 LUNs.


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