input queue drops

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Jan 11th, 2008


What could cause input queue drop in a FastEthernet interface connected to MetroE beside those mentioned in this link

I'm experiencing slow/degrading data transfer in this link (off-peak and peak) and ICMP between two Routers directly connected to MUX has packet drops.

Routers and MUXs are set to 100Mbps/Full-duplex. MUX to MUX Loopback Test (BIT Error) return nothing.

I posted this problem in Network Infrastructure/WAN, Routing and Switching Forum, see the progress here



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Danilo Dy Wed, 01/16/2008 - 06:25


See "show interface" output below.

Input queue: 0/75/4112322298/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 0

The provider performed (sigh) another testto isolate the problem (again), but this time up to their router. We found out that outgoing is okay, only incoming has problem. We also isolated that the problem is most likely between MUX and Router at the provider building. Which means the UTP (or Fibre) Cable that connects the Provider Router to the MUX.

It could either be faulty wiring cable at the provider building or interference if its copper.

I have a hunched a month ago when consolidating my test result and provider technician test result that the problem is most likely at the provider end (after the MUX).

In most cases, troubleshooting doesn't need special tools. Isolation using simple freely available tools will bring you nearer to the source of the problem and would be able to concentrate the tests to pinpoint the root of the problem.




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