Catalyst 6513 - Extended system ID issue

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Jan 13th, 2008

Hi Sir,

I have a Catalyst 6513 with SUP720. IOS version is 12.2(18)SXF12. I enabled extended system ID as follows:


spanning-tree mode pvst

spanning-tree extend system-id

spanning-tree vlan 1 priority 12288


Switch#sh spann vla 1


Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee

Root ID Priority 12289

Address 0011.5d64.6480

This bridge is the root

Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec

Bridge ID Priority 12289 (priority 12288 sys-id-ext 1)

Address 0011.5d64.6480

Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec

Aging Time 300

Switch#sh span sum

Switch is in pvst mode

Root bridge for: VLAN0001

EtherChannel misconfig guard is enabled

Extended system ID is disabled

Portfast Default is disabled

PortFast BPDU Guard Default is disabled

Portfast BPDU Filter Default is disabled

Loopguard Default is disabled

UplinkFast is disabled

BackboneFast is disabled

Pathcost method used is short

From the output of "sh spanning-tree vlan 1", it seems to show the switch is using extended system ID. However the output of "sh spanning-tree summary" shows extended system ID is disabled. Why? Is it just cosmetic issue?

I have another exactly identical Catalyst 6513 that shows extended sys ID is enabled in the output of "sh spann summ".

Please advise.

Thank you.


Lim TS

I have this problem too.
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Edison Ortiz Sat, 01/19/2008 - 09:18

BTW, looking at the output a bit closer, you are looking at a cosmetic bug.

If you see these 2 entries.

Root ID Priority 12289

Bridge ID Priority 12289 (priority 12288 sys-id-ext 1)

Extended system ID is enabled.

The purpose of the command is to add the Vlan number + the configured priority for such Vlan.





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