RME 4.0.3

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Jan 14th, 2008

I have several device that show up in the config editor area as "Black" where I can not select them. This is also stopping archiving of the config. I am seeing this problem start when I deleted the devices and then reentered them and this is what I get. Please help!

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Joe Clarke Mon, 01/14/2008 - 13:59

RME 4.0.3 is quite old, and lacks a lot of device support found in the latest RME 4.0 (4.0.6). Exactly what devices are not selectable? What are their sysObjectIDs?

tchumbley22 Tue, 01/15/2008 - 05:47

Everytime I try and do an SNMP walk on the device with SysObID I get this response, no object ID found for this device. There is also a device alert for these devices. There are 19 devices and they are a mixture of 3750G and regular 3750TS. The devices are in CS I can get to them from the Device Center however any other RME app will not work.

These are not new imported devices. I was having an issue with Cisco Works sending authentication errors for these devices so I deleted them from CS and then reentered them and then they showed up black once I tried to do another sync archive on them.

Martin Ermel Tue, 01/15/2008 - 06:50

if you do the snmpwalk verify that you use 'sysObjectID' and not 'SysObID' or anything else.

If you get authentication errors for some devices, double check the snmp settings for these devices. Check what is configured on the device (SNMP read and write) and reenter this for these devices in DCR (Common Services > Device Management)

tchumbley22 Tue, 01/15/2008 - 08:02

O.K., I have verified OID they are . for 3750 stack. I have verified that snmp strings are correct and did a device credential verification report, all check out good. I still can not do a sync archive nor can I change any of the configs utilizing the RME application. Could the RME database be corrupt? Do you really think the updates will fix this issue? They were working before now they are not, it has to be something within the file of RME, I just don't know what that would be. Thanks!

tchumbley22 Tue, 01/15/2008 - 11:38

Here are the files you requested. Thank you!

I can only get the client log uploaded because of size I will repost with the other files.

Joe Clarke Tue, 01/15/2008 - 12:57

I don't see any errors here, so you must be genuinely missing the needed device package. Go to Common Services > Software Center > Device Update, and click on the number next to Resource Manager Essentials. Type in the sysObjectID of this stack (without the leading .) and see if you have the necessary package installed. If not, you will need to perform a device update from Cisco.com.

That said, you should seriously consider upgrading to LMS 2.6 which is freely downloadable from Cisco.com at http://www.cisco.com/cgi-bin/tablebuild.pl/lms26 .


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