policy based routing

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Jan 14th, 2008

whether policy based routing is possible or not on 3750 switch.

I have this problem too.
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binoyjosephstanly Mon, 01/14/2008 - 22:26

hi frnd pls post your requirement also,

see basically in 3750 no switch port command will give you a layer 3 port where you can assign ip address, basically it should allow PBR please post your requirement also.


shrikar.dange Mon, 01/14/2008 - 22:41


It also depends on the version of the IOS.

There are two types of versions SMI and EMI.

SMI supports very basic routing functions whereas EMI supports almost everything!!!!!

Please check the IOS version of the 3750.



shri :)

parba.basu Mon, 01/14/2008 - 22:57

yes, we can also apply PBR on vlan interface but my problem is that the switch can't accept the " ip policy route-map Map-Tag" cmd in interface subconfiguration mode, i have already configure the route-map cmd with match access-list and next-hop ip address.

i have tried to apply the route-map policy with "ip local policy route-map Map-Tag" in global config mode cmd.but on that case the traffic is not going according to the Policy.

pls suggest what to do.

Rick Morris Tue, 01/15/2008 - 08:00

I may be wrong but I do not think that the 3750 can do PBR. I believe you need to use an ASA or something like that. However you may be able to do some zone based stuff, but that requires a T code IOS and still being worked out as I understand it. The best option for Policy Based Routing is to look at a Juniper product, like the Netscreen or 550M series. They are wonderful for PBR and blow the cisco away when it comes to PBR.

patrickvanham Tue, 01/15/2008 - 09:19

It is possible, but you need to modify the SDM template on a 3750 to support PBR. Further, it's not possible to apply a policy-map if you have the interface in a vrf in case you use those.

Richard Burts Tue, 01/15/2008 - 10:19


SDM is the Switch Database Manager and it defines several templates in which each template optimizes the switch for certain types of operating environments. I believe that you need the routing template to enable HSRP route maps.



Rick Morris Tue, 01/15/2008 - 10:55


I went and looked it up after I made the post. I was not familiar with them. I have worked on the 3750 and never knew anything about SDM.

Richard Burts Tue, 01/15/2008 - 11:09


In my (limited) experience with 3750s and in my reading about them I believe that the default template works well in many situations. So many of us are not very familiar with the templates (until we run into something where we need them).



patrickvanham Wed, 01/16/2008 - 07:13

I ran into the same issue when I wanted a policy-map on a 3550 as you cannot null-route in a vrf. At that point I found out that there are a few condtions using PBR on a 3550 and 3750. First, the switch must be configured to enable PBR by modifying the SDM template (in my case with the global config command sdm prefer routing-pbr) and I also could no longer have the interface in the vrf, so had to expand my routing to put everything that should pass into the correct vrf.

Hope this helps in your case.


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