Wired guest access - Unable to access network

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Jan 15th, 2008
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I've configured two WLC's with the exact same config one of them has working Wired guest network the other one does not.

The only difference in the two I know of is that the one that does not work is connected to a Cisco 3550 switch, the one that works is connected to a Cisco 7600.

The problem is when I connect a computer to the wired guest network I am able to get an IP address from the Internal DHCP server but unable to access the network.

I've tried pinging the gateway's IP and I get no answer.

The Port-channel interface has the correct VLans and the vlans exist on all switches.

If anyone see an error there or might have an idea why this is not working I would appreciate the feedback.

Config follows below..



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gudmundurk Tue, 01/15/2008 - 08:13
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(Cisco Controller) >show running-config

802.11a cac voice tspec-inactivity-timeout ignore

802.11a cac voice stream-size 84000 max-streams 2

802.11b cac voice tspec-inactivity-timeout ignore

802.11b cac voice stream-size 84000 max-streams 2

location rssi-half-life tags 0

location rssi-half-life client 0

location rssi-half-life rogue-aps 0

location expiry tags 5

location expiry client 5

location expiry calibrating-client 5

location expiry rogue-aps 5

Cisco Public Safety is not allowed to set in thisdomain

ap syslog host global

auth-list ap-policy ssc enable

custom-web ext-webserver add 1

dhcp create-scope guestnetwork

dhcp address-pool guestnetwork

dhcp default-router guestnetwork

dhcp enable guestnetwork

dhcp dns-servers guestnetwork

dhcp network guestnetwork

local-auth method fast server-key *****

interface create guestnetwork 331

interface create guestnetwork-wired 332

interface address ap-manager

interface address dynamic-interface guestnetwork

interface address dynamic-interface guestnetwork-wired

interface address management

interface address service-port

interface address virtual

interface dhcp ap-manager primary

interface dhcp dynamic-interface guestnetwork primary

interface dhcp management primary

interface dhcp service-port disable

interface vlan ap-manager 226

interface vlan guestnetwork 331

interface vlan guestnetwork-wired 332

interface vlan management 226

interface port ap-manager 29

interface port guestnetwork 29

interface port guestnetwork-wired 29

interface port management 29

lag enable

load-balancing window 5

mesh security eap

mgmtuser add root **** read-write

mobility group domain XXXXXXX

mobility symmetric-tunneling enable

network otap-mode disable

network rf-network-name XXXXXXX

radius acct add 1 XXXXXXX 1813 ascii ****

radius auth add 1 XXXXXXX 1812 ascii ****

radius auth management 1 disable

spanningtree port mode off 1

spanningtree port mode off 2

sysname XXXXXXX

time ntp interval 3600

time ntp server 1 XXXXXXX

wlan create 1 hotspot hotspot

guest-lan create 1 hotspot-wired

wlan interface 1 guestnetwork

guest-lan interface 1 guestnetwork

wlan custom-web webauth-type external 1

wlan custom-web ext-webauth-url https://XXXXXXX

wlan session-timeout 1 disable

wlan wmm allow 1

wlan wmm allow 18

wlan security wpa disable 1

wlan security wpa disable 18

wlan radius_server auth add 1 1

wlan radius_server acct add 1 1

guest-lan radius_server auth add 1 1

guest-lan radius_server acct add 1 1

wlan dhcp_server 1 required required

wlan enable 1

guest-lan enable 1


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