Inbound calling number manipulation CCM 5.1 MGCP

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Jan 15th, 2008
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I have a CCM 5.1 with 2811 router running as a gateway MGCP. I have a PRI dedicated for mobile lines, for inbound calls is sending for calling number code number of PRI and Mobile number. Example :

calling number appear in the phone : 3231234

where "323" is a code number of PRI and "1234" is the number of mobile.

I want configure for strip ther number code ("323") and only appear number of mobile. How do i do this with MGCP? With H323 and translation rules, it is possible?


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dennisbehrens Tue, 01/22/2008 - 17:48
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Here's how I would do it with a MGCP controlled gateway:

- Set up a Partition: PT_Inbound_MobilePRI

- Set up a Calling Search Space: CSS_Inbound_MobilePRI

- Make the new partition the only member of calling search space.

- Create a translation pattern. Set the Pattern to XXXX (or any number of X's for the expected number of DNIS digits). Set the partition to PT_Inbound_MobilePRI. Set the Calling Party Transform Mask to XXXX (this will take the right-most 4 digits). Set the Calling Search Space to a CSS that can reach all internal extensions.

- Go to the MGCP gateway, then to the PRI port. Set the Calling Search Space to CSS_Inbound_MobilePRI and reset the gateway.

Good luck!


This is my problem

1.- When I call to a ip phone from the number 040XXX I want to show in the ip phone display XXX, (only three digits). For example when the call goes to the ip phone 3456 from calling number 0401234, 0401234 must be translated to 1234. 040 is our mobile operator code and must be stiped from the calling number using private numbering plan

2.- When I call to a ip phone from XXXXXXXXX

I want to show XXXXXXXXX in the display. For example if I call from 6789123456 to ip phone 3456, 6789123456 must be showed in the display

In both cases the destination number is the same, then I can have only one translation pattern.

dennisbehrens Mon, 12/15/2008 - 06:48
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If you want to change the calling number party, then you have two options:

1) Do this in IOS with a H323 gateway (MGCP won't work) using voice translation rules.

2) Do this in UC Manager 7.0 with calling party transformation rules.


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