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Jan 16th, 2008


I have a question about DHCP server on cisco routers. I want to change the source IP address for the DHCP server to my loopback interface on the router, is that possible. For the client it should look like another server sent DHCP offer and ACK.

I have a Windows client that is asking for an IP address, when it gets an address it always has as DHCP server IP address. I want as DHCP server in the client, but still network

#ip dhcp pool test1

# network

# default-router


#interface Loopback0

# ip address


#interface FastEthernet0/0

# ip address

# ip helper-address

Can i do something with "Options 54" or user "origin dhcp".

I have this problem too.
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avionics Wed, 01/16/2008 - 08:52

i ran into the same issue before. i had to change the routing or create a bridge-group for the interface and assign the interface on the same network as the dhcp server network.

lamin.sonko Wed, 01/16/2008 - 09:21


Is this possible to do on the same router.

Router1: int fa0/0: here we see the client connected.

Router1:int lo0: this interface is the one i want to be the source for DHCP.

Router1:Has a DHCP server configured.

Could you give me a configuration example.


lamin.sonko Thu, 01/17/2008 - 00:06


Sorry my fault, when I said that the client got an IP address its in the network(not, and this is OK.

This is what i want to see in the client.


DHCP server:


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