IPM and IPSLA in LMS 3

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Yes to monitor reachability ofcritical routers in your network you need to use IPM,but to monitor the health of them DFM not IPM.

IPM is a tool to define IPSLA probes onto devices and automatically collect the data that is collected.

With IPM you choose a Source device (which has to support IPSLA or as you'll see it in the command line "rtr esponder" ) where the probes that create the synthetic traffic are configured, Destinations (yes in this version when you define collectors you can specify multiple destinations), and Operations (things you want to test like udp jitter, ftp resposniveness, web server, latencey etc). After you define these things the probes are deployed and start collecting information which IPM in turn collects. Depending on system resources a probe can hold up to 2.5 hours worth of info before its FIFO buffer begins to rotate.

You need to have a good grasp of your protocol stack and what you want to watch for in order to collect useful information.

I would suggest immediately upgrading to LMS 3.01 just for the improvements in IPM, the number of collectors is increase to 5,000 per instance.

My apologies. We are running 3.01 at this time.

Do I need to touch the routers at all in order to setup IPSLA?

Do I need and enhanced IOS for echo? I run 12.4 on my routers and when I run the ip sla applications command all I see is echo.

When I run reports I can't do minute just hourly. when I try minute it says there is no data eventhough I have been running the collector for weeks.

Any help is greatly appreciated

The minimum things you need in a router/switch to run IPSLA with ipm are:

snmp read and read-write community strings

rtr responder in the running configuration.

The minute issue is one I keep seeing over and over. The way the application is set up all the minute statistics are rolled up into hourly stats each day at midnight and purged from the database. The only way you can get the minute statistics is to create a scheduled report to run before the roll up occurs (like at 11:30 PM) for that collector.


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