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Jan 19th, 2008

HI, I just want to know do Dynamips and Dynagen support switching labs if ios of any switch(2950) is downloaded on windows machine. How many instances of router IOS be there to work gns3 properly ? Thanks for help..

I have this problem too.
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Edison Ortiz Sat, 01/19/2008 - 17:35

Dynamips does not provide a real switch such as the Catalyst 2950, what it does provide is the ability to add a switch module on the 3600 virtual router which enables you to do most switching tasks.

As for how many instances can you load on a Windows machine, it highly depends on the memory available and the processor. On my Intel Duo Core CPU (1.8Ghz) Laptop with 1GB RAM, I can load up to 6 devices. The problem begins when you configure intensive routing protocols such as BGP. Windows isn't great with memory management and you need to also play with the idlepc.

I recommend reading this forum http://7200emu.hacki.at/index.php for more info.




tahir1234 Sat, 01/19/2008 - 17:53

Thanks Edison for help and link. The part "provide the ability to add a switch module on the 3600 virtual router" I cannot understand. I mean how we can add and how it will work? I am new to software(dynamips) and even cannot understand forum discussion. Your further help will enhance my knowledge.

Edison Ortiz Sun, 01/20/2008 - 08:26

If you've downloaded the software, you must have a folder with sample .NET files.

These files contain information on virtual devices.

I created a .NET file for a switch using a 3640 Virtual Router, here is an extract:


model = 3640

console = 2007

autostart = False

slot1 = NM-16ESW

F1/7 = SW2 F1/7

F1/8 = SW2 F1/8

F1/9 = SW2 F1/9

F1/10 = SW3 F1/7

F1/11 = SW3 F1/8

F1/12 = SW3 F1/9

F1/13 = SW4 F1/7

F1/14 = SW4 F1/8

F1/15 = SW4 F1/9


slot1 = NM-16ESW is the virtual module I'm referring to. It gives you the ability to have 16 Layer2 ports for connectivity to other devices. As you see above F1/xx = points to the connected devices and that's how you build your topology.

Again, best to open a new thread on the forum I posted. This isn't a dynamips forum.

Good Luck.




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