something wrong with the forum???

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Jan 19th, 2008
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What the ??? I was replying to one post when I hit "Post" there was this "web policy or something that pops up" when I select agree it sents me to nowhere and my reply didn't get posted.

Anyone experiencing the same???



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JORGE RODRIGUEZ Sun, 01/20/2008 - 01:53
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lol..I have experience similar symptoms not exactly the policy page although I remember I got the web policy page while back once, but when posting the actual post goes no where, because of this I have developed a simple technique to save the text I have typed in case it is lost but happens occationaly not all the time.

Hi Dandy

I have had this happen once or twice though like the previous poster I didn't see the "web policy" page. I have received some kind of error message.

A couple of times I have noticed that this will happen if I have more than 1 browser tab open towards the forums, as I am prone to do when answering posts.

And like Jorge, I have also gotten into the habit of saving the texts of my posts, just in case.

Maybe one for Moulder and Scully :)

Best Regards,


scottmac Sun, 01/20/2008 - 06:47
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It's possible for your session to time-out while you are typing your post. I think there's a strict 30 minute timer ... I never really checked it.

If your session expires while you're composing, when you hit "Post" it will fail with an error.

If it keep happening, check your firewall, IDS, and / or other intermediate security devices.

Save your posts before punching out.

Good Luck


Danilo Dy Sun, 01/20/2008 - 07:22
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Thanks for all the reply. This is the first time it happens to me. Regarding the session timeout, it never happens to me. I can switch to VPN (with no split tunneling) and back and the session continues.

Yes, from now on, I will copy and paste my reponse to NOTEPAD before hitting "Post" :)




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