Attendant Console "broadcast hunting" not working

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Jan 20th, 2008


I have set up a CUCM 6.0.1 and are now trying to set up the Attendant Consolef feature for some users.

I have created the Pilot Point and set ip up for Broadcast Hunting. The members are set up as Users/lines (with only 1 line each) And as far as I have know, when doing this, incomming calls to the Pilot Point number should show on all connected AC's. However when there is an incomming call, the caller jost gets MOH but the call never shows up in any of the AC's Broadcast Calls window...

If i configure it to fx. first available, the call is correctly sent to one of the AC's.

Am I doing something wrong or what could be the issue ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have this problem too.
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rasmusan1 Sun, 01/20/2008 - 10:55

Hi Rob

thanks for the hint, but still this does not seem to solve my issue..

any help is greatly appreciated

Best regards


rasmusan1 Mon, 01/21/2008 - 01:21

Hi again

well I managed to get it to work. When I was testing it yesterday, i was connected to the CUCM via a VPN client, and today, when I am directly connected to the network where the CUCM resides, everyhting works just fine.

However I can't get the attendant console to give an audible notification when a call is arriving - I'm running the AC on Windows Vista

any ideas ?

rob.huffman Mon, 01/21/2008 - 06:29

Hi Rasmus,

Good work! Please forgive me for asking the obvious but have you enabled "Audible Alerts" from the Advanced setting?

If you want the attendant console to provide tones through the sound card on your PC to indicate when you receive calls, park calls, and place calls on hold as well as to indicate how long a call has been on hold, check the Enable Audible Alerts check box.

Hope this helps!


rasmusan1 Mon, 01/21/2008 - 06:36

Hi Rob

thanks again for your reply. In the mean time I got this figured out. Obviously the audible alert feature does not work on Windows Vista. After I installed the AC on a Windows XP, the Auduble Alerts worked just fine.

best regards


rob.huffman Mon, 01/21/2008 - 06:45

Hi Rasmus,

Thanks for posting back with your resolution, very helpful! 5 points for this info that will help others I'm sure :)

Take care,



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