CCNP rack rental time or home lab?

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Jan 23rd, 2008

When studying for CCNP did you buy your own equipment to create a home lab or did you rent online rack time? If you have rented rack time what site do you recommend?

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Hi There

I went the home lab route. I kind like having the equipment available whenever I want it and not having to fit in to somebody else's schedule.

You can get an idea of the lab I am using for my CCNP here.

I have 2 more L3 switches at the end of my bed to be added to this lot :)

Also for the BSCI track, check out Dynamips/Dynagen. It's really good for routing practice, though it does not handle switches that much :(

Best Regards,


GoBucks82 Wed, 01/23/2008 - 15:12

You have a lot of equipment there in your lab. I'm assuming all that equipment wasn't to easy on the pockets. Where do you get your equipment? I would like to setup a home lab but at the same time not put a huge dent in my pocket.

I agree with you Dynamips is great, I used it for my CCNA studies.

Hi There

Yep, I have quite a bit of equipment now :) I have also added a LightStream 1010 ATM router :). I have picked up the equipment from Ebay mostly. I started off with a 5 router/2 switch lab for CCNA and then just added to it over the last 15 months. Ebay can be a little addictive :)

I suppose I am lucky in so far as I have a job which pays not too bad and I have no committments, so adding somethng to my lab now and then is not too hard. The most costly items are the L3 switches, which cost on average around $425/£450 or around $800 or so.

The biggest problem I have now is finding enough power distribution sockets to power it all up :)

Best Regards,


GoBucks82 Thu, 01/24/2008 - 13:03

Does anyone know a list of equipment that will work for CCNP studies? Equipment and IOS that will work for all 4 exams?


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