How to change the manage,ment IP on AIP-SSM ASA5520

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As the title says how do you cahne the management IP? I was told we could change it but now we can't access the device after reloading it to reset the password.

the current management IP is invalid.

IPS ver 6.0.3

ASA ver. 7.2.3

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by marcabal about 8 years 11 months ago

You need to use a comma instead of a space between the netmask and the default gateway.

"," instead of ""

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acomiskey Tue, 01/29/2008 - 11:14

You can session to the SSM module from the ASA.

ASA#session 1



SSM#config t

SSM(config)#service host

SSM(config-hos)host-ip /

Getting invalid input when trying to change IP address. It looks like I'm following the format , any ideas?

the ^ is under the 10 in 10.1...

sensor(config-hos-net)# sh setting




host-name: sensor

telnet-option: disabled

access-list (min: 0, max: 512, current: 0)



ftp-timeout: 300 seconds



sensor(config-hos-net)# host-ip

% Invalid input detected at '^' marker, The ip interface configuration,, format is invalid



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