ACE GSS scripted keepalive and ACE Module Cat6K

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Jan 30th, 2008
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i want to combine the ACE GSS with the ACE Module for Cat 6500.

I've looked into the documentation of the GSS and found a table for SNMP OIDs for scripted Keepalives, which can be used to poll VIPs on a loadbalancer like CSM,CSS,IOS-SLB.

I did not find a OID for the ACE Module.

I tried but this doesn't work.

How can i poll the VIPs on an ACE Module? What is the right OID to use?

OID Table 5-1 on:



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Gilles Dufour Thu, 01/31/2008 - 01:02
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the GSS does not support ACE currently.

Using SNMP won't help because the ACE blade has not implemented the oid that you need.

One of the reason is that the vserver is not associated with an ip, but with a class-map.

So, use a basic kal-tcp.


Sbutzek Fri, 02/01/2008 - 04:44
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Hello Gilles,

i've looked into the Datasheet of the GSS:

Table 2 shows the Supported Devices. And the ACE module is listed there for load and availability. So i think it must be possible.

Doing only TCP KAL or ICMP KAL would only work for layer-4 loadbalancing and not for layer-7 where i can use one IP for serval V-Servers.

Is it really not possible to do it via SMMP?


Gilles Dufour Fri, 02/01/2008 - 04:57
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kal-ap support has been added to ACE2.0.

This version is normally scheduled for march.

So, maybe you can use a temporary solution w/ kal-icmp or kal-tcp and wait for ACE2.0.

A trick we used to have before kal-ap was to configure phantom vservers using the same serverfarm as your normal vservers.

The phantom vservers would have a separate ip.

You can then use kal-icmp to check the phantom vservers. Each phantom vserver is linked to a single vserver.


ptscharn Thu, 01/31/2008 - 01:51
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Sven, if you only want to check whether the VIP is reachable you can enable "loadbalance vip icmp-reply active" and then poll via ICMP from the GSS. The VIP does only respond if at least 1 Real is active. ACE SW 2.0 will then support KAL-AP to check from the GSS.



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