Info on indicator lights for 1250 lwapp radios

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Jan 31st, 2008

Does anyone a link or info regarding what the different led indicators on the lwapp 1250 mean? All I have found so far is the autonomous info

Correct Answer by Rob Huffman about 9 years 3 weeks ago
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Rob Huffman Fri, 02/01/2008 - 09:59

Hi Eric,

You are most welcome my friend! I always think of you and the size of the Convention Centre when I think of large scale deployments. Let us know how the rollout of the 1250's is going.

Best of luck and take care!


ericgarnel Sat, 02/02/2008 - 11:08

It is going smoothly for the most part. It helps to have a rigger on staff that can drive a boom lift!

here are some pointers on the 1250 radios

The access space for ethernet & console is tight

The wall anchors that ship with the radios are useless, get better anchors and/or molly bolts.

The grid clips are supposed to work with hidden grid ceilings, they were too short for ours, however, you can change out the bolts in the grid clips.

The radios are much heavier than the older 1200 series, so you may need stronger anchors when replacing older 1200 & 1000 series

If you are replacing older lwapp radios and are using the controllers for ap dhcp scope, bump up your scope to allow for more radios. If the old radios are unplugged, they do not gracefully release addresses. The dhcp server on the controller is very limited compared to isc dhcp and you either need to wait or reboot the controller to refresh leases.

I tried cutting the lease times down, but that seemed to cause a lot of disassociations. My solution was to move the mgmt int + both ap-mgmt ints to a 23 bit network from a 24bit network and was able to accommodate 500+ aps. I then split the scope over 2 controllers

when you do a copy & replace in WCS, it does not remove the old radio, you still have to do that.

Do buy the power injectors if you are using 2 radios on an AP.

The radios are fairly sturdy. One fell off a scissor lift that was 12 ft' up and it still works. Can't say the same for the antennae

If at all possible, stage the radios before you mount them. It may save you a trip or two.

Rob Huffman Sat, 02/02/2008 - 12:02

Hi Eric,

Thanks so much for posting back with these excellent tips! 5 points for your great work :)

Thanks again!



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