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The [no] caller-id enable command enables or disables the transmission of Caller ID on an FXS port, and enables or disables reception of Caller ID on an FXO port.

Issue the [no] caller-id enable command to enable the Caller ID name for inbound PSTN calls on the FXO port.

You must configure the alerting method when the Caller ID standard, specified by locale through the cptone command, is not Bellcore/Telcordia. If you do not configure the alerting method, the default caller-id alerting ring 1 command is applied. The command that you enter is determined by the Bellcore/Telcordia or ETSI standard that your service provider uses for Caller ID.

Refer to the Configuring Voice Ports to Support Caller ID section of Caller ID on Cisco 2600 and 3600 Series Routers and Cisco MC3810 Series Concentrators for more information on using commands and issues related to Caller ID on analog ports.


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